London Eye

London Eye, London, England

The London Eye (or Millenium Wheel) is with a height of 135 meters the highest big wheel in Europe. It is located on the south bank of river Thames close to Westminister bridge in London, United Kingdom. It was opened in 2000 and was planned to be deconstructed after five years – but as it was so successful and became a town’s landmark of London, it is still standing. Continue reading “London Eye”

Queens Park Hotel

Queens Park Hotel, London, England

The Queens Park Hotel in  London, United Kingdom is a hotel in a Victorian building dating back to 1900. It is nothing special in this area of the town and also a bit shabby – but it is perfectly located between Paddington station and Hyde Park. In fact all these buildings look quite similar from the inside and when walking through nested corridors to reach our room I somehow had the feeling of already having been there. Continue reading “Queens Park Hotel”

Heathrow Express

Heathrow Express, London, England

Getting to the city center of London, United Kingdom from Heathrow airport was painful in the past. The most important airport is 24 km away from the center and you need around 50 minutes by subway.  In 1998 the new Heathrow Express started to operate and now you can reach Paddington station within 15 minutes (from terminals 2/3) – especially on short trips to London you can save a lot of travel time in this way.

Continue reading “Heathrow Express”

Westminster Abbey

Westminster Abbey, London

Concerning the royal family the most important church in London, United Kingdom is Westminster Abbey, located close to the Houses of Parliament. The kings and monarchs are crowned and buried here. The abbey was built from 1045 on and the current church was begun in the year 1240. The towers have been added by Sir Christopher Wren from the year 1722 on. Continue reading “Westminster Abbey”