The Gringo Café

Sometimes when I’m abroad and overwhelmed by the unusual life around me, by the different climate and the unfamiliar world surrounding me I’m looking for a safe harbor. For something well known, where I know how to act and where everything feels under control. That is most often an international chain, a coffee bar like Starbucks. People tend to laugh about this, but I’m not worried to admit that even I need to get accustomed to the situation.

Therefore I do understand the concept of The Garden Café at Granada, Nicaragua. It feels completely odd if you expect to go to a local bar: inside you’ll mostly find foreigners in a beautiful setting with a nice garden, good drinks and food. Even an excellent shop is attached to it. Why should one want to go there, when authentic Nicaraguan life is just next door? Well, because of the great food and drinks. And maybe to get relax and get ready for everything waiting outside.

The Garden Café was founded by a Nica-US couple in 2007. It is located very close to the Parque Central; just follow the Calle La Libertad to the east (until the intersection with the Calle Cervantes). They get you covert with sustainably produced food from breakfast till dinner.

The Garden Café
Calle Libertad
Calle Cervantes

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