Museos Convento San Francisco

Next to the church Convento San Francisco (one of the oldest in Central America) you can find the Museos Convento San Francisco in the former Franciscan monastery. It is the best place if you want to learn more about the history and traditions of Granada, Nicaragua. The museum is a wild mix of exhibits giving you inside in the earlier and later past of the city. Near the entrance you will first find a vast model of the city giving you the chance to understand the layout of Granada which is heavily shaped by colonial history.

Museos Convento San Francisco, Granada (Nicaragua)
Museos Convento San Francisco, Granada (Nicaragua)

One of the first section explains religious traditions of the area and typical goods produced there. But there is also art exhibited; religious art and beautiful primitivist art. Once you’ve passed the amazing palm-filled inner courtyard you’ll reach the sections on pre-Columbian history. Highlight here are ancient statues carved out auf basalt stone which were found on the Zapatera island in the Lago Cocibolca. They date back to the time frame of 800 to 1200 CE.

Museos Convento San Francisco
Iglesia Catedral 2c al Norte 1c al Lago
Avenida Miguel de Cervantes
Granada 43000

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