Torre Latinoamericana

The Torre Latinoamericana (or short Torre Latino) can be found in the Centro Histórico of the Ciudad de México, close to the Palacio des Bellas Artes and the Alameda Central park. It was the first skyscraper of the city with a height of more than 181 meters and 44 floors. Until 1972 it was the highest building of CDMX and still today it is seen by the locals as a symbol of Mexican success. From the outside and also by the design of the roof terrace the tower reminds one strongly to the Empire State Building of New York, but I enjoyed the views much more from the Torre Latino.

On clear days you can see the entire region from the top of the building and especially the planes starting and landing on the airport can be well observed. To get up enter the lobby and buy a ticket. Afterwards you can go up by two elevators. First you’ll reach a coffee bar and a level with high glass windows from which you can look down onto the streets. After climbing some stairs up you’ll be on the top of the building with high fences protecting you. By the way: the name of the tower is no homage to Latin America; it is the name of the creator of the building, the insurance La Latinoamericana, Seguros.

Torre Latinoamericana
Mirador Torre Latino
Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas 2
Centro Histórico de la Ciudad de México
06000 Ciudad de México, CDMX

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