La Barca de Oro

The Hotel Barca de Oro is a classic backpacker hotel in Las Peñitas, Nicaragua. The village surrounding it is a classic fishermen’s village and when you’re up early enough you can watch them going out in their boats and returning with the catch of the day in front of the hotel. Next to it the natural reserve San Juan Venado begins and you can observe the water of the Pacific ocean rise and sink during the day.

The Barca de Oro offers classic hotel rooms and four cabañas made of bamboo. We stayed in the latter which was special, as it feels more like an open space and you hear the sounds of the neighborhood (if you want or not). They have a limited water supply and only dry toilets, but therefore chickens are running around your house, pigs might dig for food at night, pigeons are living on the balcony and cute frogs share the bathroom with you.

Fortunately, the hotel has a large open ‘living room’ with hammocks shared by all guests. There is a bar and a restaurant facing the water and they’ll organize trips to the nature reserve for you. The chicken bus coming from and leaving to León has its final stop in front of the hotel, therefore it is really easy to reach. If you want to get to the beach: it is just 300 meters away. Continuing along its shore you’ll find different bars and restaurants.

Hotel, Restaurante, Spa La Barca de Oro
Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado
Las Peñitas 21000

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