The Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado is a nature protection zone close to Las Peñitas, Nicaragua. Rivers running in parallel to the beach create a long-stretched island that is used by an endless number of turtles to lay their eggs. Along the rivers you’ll find a vast mangrove forest that gives a home to many different species; lots of birds, iguanas, crabs, fishes jumping out of the water to hunt insects and crocodiles.

When the fishermen have done their work in the morning they have a secondary source of income: the take tourists aboard and show them the mangrove forest. We weren’t there at the right point in time to see turtles, but we spotted two crocodiles (a large one seeking protection in the water fast and a young one hiding on a trunk). A strange feeling to know that they’re swimming underneath your leaky boat. 😉 Alternatively you can also do a kayak tour in this area – ask at your hotel reception or get to the visitors center at the fishermen’s harbor.

Reserva Natural Isla Juan Venado
Las Peñitas

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