Festung Ehrenbreitstein

The Festung Ehrenbreitstein is a fortress high above river Rhein at Koblenz. Located on a 180 meters high rock the history of this place dates back to the 16th century, first settlements found can be dated back even to the year 4,000 BCE. The fortress was used by German and French forces and served to protect the region underneath. Over time it was used as a jail, a center for displaced persons, an archive and a storage for atomic waste.

Today there is a youth hostel, a beer garden and a wonderful terrace with views on the river and the city. Concerts and exhibitions take place there. For the Bundesgartenschau in 2011 a funicular and a nice cable car were built. The fortress is part of the UNESCO world heritage site ‘Oberes Mittelrheintal‘. Take your time to get up the hill, explore the massive and impressive fortification and enjoy the view!

Festung Ehrenbreitstein

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