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The Festung Ehrenbreitstein is located on the opposite side of the river Rhein when standing at the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz. You could access the fortress with its roots in the 16th century on foot, by car or via a funicular in the south. But there is also another way to get up with marvelous views: the cable car starting close to the Deutsches Eck.

The cable car was built for the Bundesgartenschau in 2011 and is 890 meters long. It is rather fast and can transport up to 7,600 persons per hour. It was originally planned to dismantle the cable car some years after the gardening show to preserve the UNESCO world heritage status of the region. Right now there is an allowance to operate it until 2026 when the technical operation timeframe ends. Let’s see what will happen then.

The cabins of the cable car are a little bit different; some of them have glass windows in the floor. But all of them river hitherto unknown views of the river, the fortress and the Deutsches Eck. If you want to skip the line: you can buy tickets online with your smartphone and directly go to the entrance.

Seilbahn Koblenz
56077 Koblenz


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