Arcul de Triumf

Everyone knows the famous Arc de Triomphe at Paris, France. But did you know that Romania has its own copy of it? After the country gained independence, a wooden version was constructed in 1878. After World War I the current version copying the original in France was finished in 1936. It is twenty-seven meters high, and it has a roof terrace that you can access free of charge.

What is commemorated here? In the 19th century Romania was constantly under pressure by the Osman empire in the south and the Russian empire in the north. During the Russo-Turkish War they took sides for Russia and after the Russian coalition won, the Congress of Berlin in 1878 reshaped the states on the Balkan peninsula and confirmed the independence of Romania. This was the initial reason for creating the Arcul de Triumpf.

The second reason is the ‘victory’ in World War I, which is also a bit special. At the beginning of the war Carol I. was in power and because of his German roots he wanted to join the war on the side of the Central Powers, but that was not accepted within the country. His nephew Ferdinand I. became his successor in 1914 and joined the later victorious Entente. Romanias military itself was unsuccessful and the country was occupied by the Central Powers. But Romania had chosen the winning side, that’s why they commemorate it as a triumph.

Arcul de Triumf

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