A nice option to travel back in time is a trip to the medieval city of Murten. There, the typical structures of cities belonging to the house of Zähringen have been preserved. You can explore the small castle with good views on the lake Murtensee, you can walk through the historical Berntor gate and best of all: you can climb on top of the old city walls and walk around the city – with marvelous views on the roofs of this old town.

Murten is only a small town, but it is fun to explore the well-visible historical structures there. And if you need some relaxation afterwards: the Murtensee invites you for some swimming or a bout tour. Murten has a railway station that is only a short walk away from the city center. From Bern it is in best case just a 40 minutes train ride (with the need to change trains in Kerzers).

Murten / Morat

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