After exploring Bern, you might be ready for a refreshing hike in its neighborhood. The first address for this is the local mountain, the Gurten. It is especially a good option as you can have a wonderful view on the city from up there and you can easily reach it by the funicular Gurtenbahn. The Gurten is 858 meters high and located in the neighboring community of Köniz.

The funicular dates to the year 1899 and has a length of more than one kilometer. It has three stops: ‘Wabern bei Bern‘ (the lowest station), ‘Grünboden‘ in the middle which might bei in interest of hikers and ‘Gurten‘ at the top – the stop that most visitors get to. You can reach the ground station on foot by hiking up from the zoo. But I would rather recommend taking a train from the main station to ‘Wabern bei Bern‘.

On top of the Gurten mountain you’ll find a restaurant and a nice eatery. There is a playground for kids including a small railway to ride, a dry toboggan run and routes for mountain bikers and hikers. I really enjoyed hiking back from the top to the ground station with excellent views on the city of Bern and the Alps.

Gurten / Gurtenbahn
Wabern, Köniz

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