A giant basalt rock in a beautiful forest with many moss-covered stones close to Ahnatal, north of Kassel – that is the Hohlestein, not more, not less. If you climb on top (and it is really climbing!) you can enjoy nice views on Ahnatal and discover a hidden secret: a man-made, squarish depression which is still a mystery today. Was it a cellar of a former castle? Or a place used for Celtic rituals? Stone walls and other discoveries show at least that humans were living at this place during the high medieval period.

The Hohlestein is a favourite hiking destination. It is located not far away from the Dörnberg mountain and you can reach it on foot from the railway station of Ahnatal-Weimar (3 km, RB4 and RT4) or if you go by car from the Wanderparkplatz Triffelsbühl (1.5 km, at street 251).


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