I admit I was wrong. I always believed that a collection of minerals must be absolutely boring. But then I came across the Mineral Museum (MIM) of the Université Saint-Joseph at بيروت, Lebanon. It is a vast collection of minerals from all over the world. As it belongs to a university there are good scientific explanations but the presentation is also very nice. They play a lot with light and stage the beautiful stones the right way.

Radioactive, Museum of minerals (MIM), بيروت
Radioactive, Museum of minerals (MIM), بيروت

First, they show different categories of minerals, followed by a large collection also including radioactive minerals glowing in the dark. The exhibition also includes fossils and a treasure chamber presenting the most beautiful items like gems. The MIM is a wonderful place and the minerals shown there are so diverse in colour and structure. A visit is highly recommended! You can find the museum underground on the campus of the university. It is just across the road from the national museum and combining the visits to these two museums is a good idea.

MIM Mineral Museum
Université Saint-Joseph
Campus de L’innovation et du Sport (CIS)

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