National museum

The national museum was the first point of interest I visited when coming to بيروت, Lebanon. Having seen nothing of the city before I was really surprised how modern and well designed this museum of archaeology is. The museum was founded after World War II and contains around 100,000 items from excavations in Lebanon. Highly decorated sarcophagi, fantastic mosaics, ancient coins, statues and also some mummies can be found in the exhibition – with items also dating back to the bronze age.

When visiting the exhibition you might be surprised by the many influences that affected Lebanon: as Egypt was close, it left its footsteps here like Rome. But also Hellenistic and Byzantine elements can be seen. The museum is located a little bit outside in the south of the city centre. You can find it where road Abdallah El Yafi crosses the road named Damascus. This place is also very close to the minerals museum (MIM) which I highly recommend to visit.

National museum
بيروت / Beirut

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