Place de l‘Etoile

The Sāhat an-Nadschma or Place de l’Etoile of بيروت, Lebanon, is an important square in the centre of the city. Different roads lead to it in a star-shaped way and next to it you can find the parliament, the archaeological museum and the Saint George church (a Greek orthodox cathedral). In the middle of the square, you can find an ancient clocktower from the 1930s. The area was once filled with bars and coffee bars that were destroyed during the Lebanese civil war.

The clocktower is a town’s landmark of the city and was gifted to the city by a Lebanese that came to money in Brazil. It is the most beautiful clocktower I’ve seen so far and it is realized in Art déco style. During the Lebanese civil war, it has been deconstructed and stored somewhere else. Unfortunately, I couldn’t visit the Place de l’Etoile during my visit because access was blocked by barricades created by the army. These were caused by the extensive protests against the government; in the end, that’s another good reason for returning to Beirut once in a while.

Place de L’Etoile
بيروت / Beirut

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