If there would only be one place for a nice walk at بيروت, Lebanon, it would be for sure the Corniche – the 4.8 kilometres long promenade along the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. It starts in the West of the city and leads then along the North of the city centre next to a street called Avenue de Paris. Along the way, you can see the lighthouse of Beirut and the famous Pigeon’s rocks. The Corniche is often filled with people walking, chatting, playing chess or fishing.

It is a meeting place for people like the Malecón at La Habana, Cuba. Even though most buildings along the Corniche contain hotels you will find some good restaurants and coffee bars. Observe the palm trees along the way – a lot of them still have bullet holes from the civil war between 1975 and 1990.

بيروت  / Beirut

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