Armenian quarter

If you’re looking for good bars and restaurants at بيروت, Lebanon, you will be often pointed towards the Armenian quarter in the primarily Christian part of the city. This region of Beirut is easy to find as the road is also called Armenia and the bars and restaurants are lined up at this road are can be found close to it. Sometimes it is referenced to as Mar Mikhael but that is only half the truth; this interesting area partially also belongs to the city quarters Geitawi and Qobayat.

You can reach the Armenian quarter on foot from the Martyr’s square by walking to the East along the roads Gouraud or El Arz/Pasteur. Getting a taxi back home from there is not very easy for a foreigner as the roads are narrow and always full of cars – it is hard to define a meeting point (even when using Uber). In this area I saw the most beautiful Christmas tree of the city: built from beer bottles of the brand ‘Beirut‘. I have to do that at home, too. 😉

بيروت / Beirut

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