Coral Beach Hotel and Resort

The Coral Beach Hotel is a nice hotel in the South of بيروت, Lebanon. It is very recommendable especially in summer – with a wonderful pool between the buildings and access to the Mediterranean sea, even as there is no beach. It formerly belonged to the Sheraton group and has large rooms and a good restaurant. The location of the hotel is the big advantage in summer, but also a big disadvantage as you always need to take a taxi to access the city centre. It is a ten minutes taxi ride from there to the city and also to the airport.

Clean rooms and friendly staff make your visit a pleasure. You can pay with all major credit cards including VISA and my visit was absolutely hassle-free. What surprised me a little bit at the beginning was the car inspection done every time before you can access the hotel: they check the trunk and use a mirror to look under the car. Breakfast is served in the restaurant (no buffet) and includes everything you need. In the evening they have a good menu and you can also have a sheesha inside or at the small terrace. If you need to shop some drinks and snacks you can find some small shops at the road leading to the hotel.

I was at the hotel on Christmas and I had the feeling that I was nearly the only guest at the hotel. Something that didn’t bother me but it felt unusual – other tourists said the same about their hotels and it might have been caused not only by Christmas but by the ongoing anti-government protests. Outside summer I would next time rather book a hotel in the Hamra area – just because it is easier to access the rest of the city and because you have bars and restaurants around you.

Coral Beach Hotel and Resort

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