Wacht am Rhein

There aren’t too many good places to sit at the shore of river Rhein at Leverkusen, Germany. A lot of the space along the river is cover by chemical factories. But if you make your way from Leverkusen-Mitte to the river, leave the shopping malls behind and pass through and endless number of residential homes you will find the Neuland-Park (a vast garden) and next to it a nice restaurant called ‘Wacht am Rhein‘ (Watch on the Rhine) – named after an ancient German song and anthem.

The restaurant has plenty of space and also a terrace facing the water. I even found it fascinating to watch the big chemical factories Leverkusen is known for at night. Dishes here a simple but good; it is a place for the whole family. You can enjoy a classic schnitzel or opt-in to some local cuisine like ‘Himmel un Ääd‘ (sky and soil; not heaven and earth): a combination of apples (from the sky) and potatoes (from the soil) served with blood sausages. And of course, you’ll get some Kölsch beer here.

Wacht am Rhein
Rheinallee 3
51373 Leverkusen


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