Having a good Guinness or a delicious cider is part of every trip to Dublin, Ireland. Tourists typically get stuck in a pub in the crowded Temple bar area in the city centre. Pubs there are often overcrowded and charge a big surplus. If you rather want the traditional pub experience you should choose a classic neighbourhood pub a little bit afar from the centre of tourist attraction.

A good option for that is Mulligan’s in Poolbeg street. It is close to river Liffey and only two blocks afar from O’Connell street. But it is a rather relaxed pub where you can meet the locals, have enough space and can cool down after a long day of sightseeing. By the way: if you get as a group to the pub remember, always order in rounds. Leaving a tip is uncommon – rather order a drink for the barkeeper (‘and one for yourself’).

8 Poolbeg Street
Dublin / Baile Átha Cliath
Ireland / Éire

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