If you get to Dublin, Ireland, you will definitely stumble open the river Liffey. It runs through the city centre from East to West and at its shore, you will find good hotels, restaurants and bars. Unfortunately, they don’t really make use of the river there – next to the water there is on both sides a road. How beautiful this area could be if there would be a pedestrian zone. It is 125 meters long and has its main source in the county Wicklow not far away from Dublin where it runs into the Irish sea.

Nevertheless, it is worth to walk a bit along the Liffey and discover different important buildings and bridges. Most famous are the Ha’Penny bridge (where you formerly had to pay a penny to cross) and the O’Connell bridge which is the only bridge in Europe that is wider than long! Don’t expect to see ships on the river – the water level is most times not high enough for that.

Liffey river
Dublin / Baile Átha Cliath
Ireland / Éire

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