Mirusha valley

The Mirusha valley is one of the natural highlights of Kosovo. It is located in the middle between Pejë and Prizren in a mountainous region with wonderful forests. The river Mirusha here creates 16 waterfalls connecting 13 small lakes. The largest waterfall is 22 meters high. Animals living in this nature protection zone include wild boars, badgers, wolves, turtles and otters. It is a wonderful place full of nature that is a little bit hard to reach.

In the eastern part a ‘road’ loads through the area. But it is partially unpaved, full of holes and an area where you could easily damage your car. The bridge leading this road of river Mirusha is still unusable. It looks like it has been blown up or bombed. From here you can walk into the valley and enjoy the quitness of beautiful place but reaching the waterfalls is a tough challenge you shouldn’t try without a guide.

A better way to get to the waterfalls is from the West – a road begins at street M9-1 (close to the confluence of the Mirusha river and the Drini river) and leads you directly to a lake. While exploring this area take care and don’t do it alone. I sprained my ankle while hiking along the river and unfortunately couldn’t make it to the highest waterfall.

Ujëvarat e Mirushës
Mirusha valley / waterfalls

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