Malet e Sharrit

At the border between Kosovo and North Macedonia you can find a fantastic mountain range called Malet e Sharrit, Sharr or Šar Planina. It is a great contrast to the flat land in the Kosovo Polje and contains high mountains, deep valleys and endless green forests. The area is especially known for the artisan products created here and the possibility to go skiing in the upper parts. A good way to explore the Malet e Sharrit nature protection zone is to start from Prizren and to drive into the direction of Brod – you will then cross the complete mountain range

At first the road will lead you to a deep valley where the road is sometimes cut into the mountain and you have a massive amount of rock above you. It sometimes looks a bit frightening and when a bus or lorry comes from the opposite direction you’ll have to stop – but the road is in good condition and not too narrow. Later the road leads you continuously up the mountain until you reach the skiing area. Along the way you’ll find many nice restaurants, hotels and places to have good views on the valleys and mountains.

National park Male e Sharrit

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