St. Albani

The protestant church St. Albani at Göttingen, Germany is unfortunately one of these churches you typically won’t recognize – even as a local. It is standing next to a giant parking area belonging to the Stadthalle event hall, in an area of the city center you won’t visit that often. Most people see it just from the reverse side as it was once standing directly next to the fortifications of the city.

It is unknown when the first church building was created at this place. When the city was founded in 953 it was already there. The first official document dates back to the year 1254. The current gothic style church was built in the beginning of the 15th century. On the central market place there is a plate on the floor marking the spot where you can see four churches at once (St. Albani, St. Johannis, St. Jacobi and St. Michael). When you’ve found this spot why not take the short walk to enjoy the atmosphere inside?

St. Albani

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