In the northeast of Tallinn, Estonia you can find the city quarter Kadriorg or Catherine’s valley. When in the year 1710 CE tsar Peter the Great conquered Estonia which was by that time under Swedish reign he named this area after his second wife Catherine I of Russia and created his summer residence there. Still today you can find Kadrioru loss, the Catherine palace here – a nice baroque style palace with a beautiful palace garden and a vast park surrounding it.

During the first Estonian independence the national art museum Eesti Kunstimuuseum was established here and the museum still uses the building for exhibitions. Meanwhile there is a modern new building for the KUMU which is not far away. Therefore you can combine a visit to the palace and the palace gardens with a long walk in the park and enjoying some art. As it is only a short ride by bus to Kadriorg this should be absolutely on everybody’s todo list.

Kadrioru loss
A. Weizenbergi 37
10127 Tallinn

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