Outside of the city centre of Tallinn, Estonia and close to the teletorn (TV tower) you can find the Botaanikaaed – the botanical garden. It is a vast park with different sections and many green fields. It includes an arboretum, a beautiful rosarium and a greenhouse with succulents and tropical crop plants. Distributed throughout the park you can also find some interesting artworks.

The botanical garden covers 123 hectares and you can find more than 4000 different plants there. The greenhouses also include a small coffee bar. Therefore this garden is perfect for a long walk, for smelling the fragrance of roses, discovering tropical plants and having a nice coffee. You can get there by bus, the closest bus stop is ‘Kloostrimetsa‘.

Tallinna Botaanikaaed
Tallinn Botanical Garden
Kloostrimetsa tee 52
11913 Tallinn

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