Public transport

Travelling by public transport through Tallinn, Estonia is easy and fun. The transport system uses tramways, bussess and trolley busses – like in a lottery you sometimes get a brand new one or a historic vehicle. Locals typically use smartcards they can charge up and validate them when entering the vehicle at any door. You can also buy tickets by using the ‘‘ smartphone app (‘pilet‘ means ticket).

These electronic tickets contain a two-dimensional barcode you have to hold in front of the barcode reader available only at the first door of each vehicle. But you can also just hold your contactless creditcard in front of this reader. The system sums up your ticket costs and automatically bills you a day ticket if you reached that sum. It’s the most easy way to pay. Just remember: always take the first door.

The next stops are shown on screens and always the next two stops are announced by loudspeaker. That is a little bit confusing in the first moment but helpful once you’ve gotten used to it. Public transport in Estonia is pretty modern and it seems like that they made small improvements that are really helpful. The displays on the outside of trains for example start to flash shortly before the train departs. A simple thing but helpful if you don’t want to miss your train.


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