Not far away from the Skanderbeg square of Tirana, Albania you can find several buildings belonging to ministries. Of course during communist times a bunker system was secretly created underneath that is today used as a museum. It is named Bunk’Art 2 and is an addition to the Bunk’Art museum within the fallout shelter in the eastern suburbs of the city.

Bunk'Art 2, Tirana
Bunk’Art 2, Tirana

This museum is therefore much easier to reach and tourists will simply find it in the city center. A visit to the first museum of this kind is something you’ll rather have to plan. In this museum the crimes of the different forms of police in Albania and the secret service – the Sigurimi – are focussed. You can walk through the bunker, take a look at its structures and learn a lot while going from room to room.

Bunk’Art 2
Street Abdi Toptani

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