All around us in cities there are illuminated letters: company names, advertisements, signs. But where do they go when they’re not needed anymore? Some of them have a second life, get refurbished and decorate the homes of people. A nice place where you can buy your initials in different shapes, colors and sizes – from twenty centimeters to two meters – is the QWERTZ-Buchstabenladen in Hannover, Germany.

If you bring enough money you can even build words. The letters there have LED lights and you can connect them directly to a socket. I imagine shopping there like the famous scenes between Lefty the Salesman and Ernie from Sesame Street. I wanted to buy an ‘S’. An ‘S’? Shhhhhh! But the friendly owner also sends the letters in parcels and therefore I just ordered via the Internet. You can ask for a specific letter and you’ll get pictures with different sizes and prizes via e-mail in return.

Lefty: “Hey, bud! C’mere.”

Ernie: “Who, me?”

Lefty: “Riiiiight. How would ya like to buy an O?”

– Sesame Street

One day when I’m in Hannover for other reasons I’ll for sure visit this place. The letters in various sizes and colors must really give a nice shop decoration. If you want to go there observe the special opening hours: Thursday/Friday: 2pm – 6pm, Saturday: 10am – 2pm (better check the website). A nice idea and very decorative products!

Egestorffstraße 6
30449 Hannover


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