When you’re at the upper end of the Bergpark Wilhelmshöhe at Kassel, Germany you might see a sign directing you to Elfbuchen – a popular destination for excursions. The Elfbuchen (‘eleven beeches‘) is a 535 meters high mountain spur which forms the border between the city quarters Bad Wilhelmshöhe and Harleshausen. On top you will find a hotel, restaurant and beer garden – the Waldhotel Elfbuchen – and an ancient tower that is unfortunately closed due to necessary repair works.

The Elfbuchenturm is 16 meters high and was inaugurated in 1879. By that time there weren’t many trees on the Elfbuchen and you also could see the Herkules monument. The good views are gone but you can still see the city behind the trees. In winter the Elfbuchen is the starting point for people with bobsleighs, good nerves (and hopefully a good insurance): you can start a ride here that is 2.7 kilometers long and takes you steadily down the hill to the Hessenschanze.


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