The Hessenschanze is the end point of tramway 8 and a favorite place to have a walk through the forest. It is essentially a forest glade that was formerly used for sports. Now only in winter times the area is occupied by children that ride their sledges on different tracks. In 2013 a two kilometers long educational path (‘Walderlebnispfad‘) through the forest was opened that can be easily reached from the tramway stop.

The round course has a clear pedagogical concept and you can try out different things – like the forest organ where you can try how different trees sound. Underneath the path you can find the Nußallee which leads you to the spring Prinzenquelle. If you’re in need for some coffee you just need to climb a small hill from there to reach two nice coffee bars. If you have time then walk down the Schanzenstraße towards the city; this part of Kirchditmold is a beautiful city quarter.

Kassel, Germany

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