Ruine Spiegelburg

The Spiegelburg was a small medieval castle high above river Werra. It was built somewhen between the 12th and the 14th century CE and consisted of a main fortress on 30 x 30 meters for the noble inhabitants and an outer bailey with stables and additional buildings.

The castle was probably mostly building from wood – that is why you can’t see too much there anymore. A wooden sign shows you where you can find the moat, some parts of the foundation and some stones. You can see the artificially created structures in the forest but you wouldn’t really recognize it as a former castle.

Underneath the castle you can see the rest of a former quarry. The Spiegelburg is located near Laubach, belonging to Hann. Münden, Germany. You can park your car next to a hotel and restaurant that carries the same name. At the entry to the Glasebachtal next to the hotel you will find a map showing the location of the former castle.

From there you can try to climb up the hill to the Spiegelburg or follow the recommended path shown on the map (it is a bit more than 1 kilometer to walk): follow the street to the east until you find the Spiegelbachtal. Follow it steadily up the hill until the road splits up. There walk to the right and follow the street until you see the small sign ‘Spiegelburg‘ on the right.

Laubach, Hann. Münden

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