When preparing for the trip to Sardegna I learned that in the south of the island you can see flamingos in the wild. As I only knew these colorful birds (gaining their color from eating red crabs) from zoological gardens I was keen to see them in their natural habitat. But for days there was not a single fenicottero to see.

It turned out that we were simply on the wrong side of the island. The flamingos didn’t show up in the east – but you can’t miss them when you drive to the west. Already shortly after passing by Cagliari and the airport of Elmas in the direction of Pula, Italy the birds are standing nearly in every laguna along the way.

They are not as colorful as I know them – because in zoological gardens they always get the right food to show the pink color. But it is a pleasure to see them standing in a laguna on one leg and searching inside the water. A good place to observe them was the laguna next to the Chia beach belonging to Pula.

Baia Chia
Sardegna, Italy

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