Grotta Is Zuddas

In the mountains of the island of Sardegna you can find different flowstone caves that you can visit – one of them is the Grotta Is Zuddas near Santadi, Italy. They have been opened to tourism in 1985 and you can have a guided tour on 500 meters of the 1650 meters long cave.

At the beginning of the 1960s a natural entrance to the cave was found and in 1968 a company used explosives to open the entrance and to gather alabaster within the cave. In 1971 the local government closed it to protect the wonderful stalagmites.

Today you’ll first see a bar, restaurant and ticket office attached to a parking area. In front you can sit down and a have a drink; there is also a playground for the kids. After high-season the guided times are at defined times throughout the day and you can find them on their webpage.

10 minutes before your tour starts you should take the many steps up the hill behind the ticket office. Tours are in Italian and English but the guides also try to use words in other languages to explain the specialties of the cave. That worked out pretty well! The 40 minutes long tour was also acceptable with a child in grammar school.

Within the cave the temperature is consistently at 16 degrees Celsius. That was okay for me but others needed some more garment. The tour leads you through different cave section was totally different characteristics. You’ll see an enormous amount of stalagmites and other water-shaped structures. In one part the crystals seem to grow in all directions – I’ve never seen something like that before.

Grotta Is Zuddas
Località Is Zuddas 2
09010 Santadi
Sardgena, Italy

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