Grotta di San Giovanni

Close to the small village Domusnovas, Italy you can find a special flowstone cave created by river San Giovanni. On the other side of the mountain there are several old minded and that is why at the end of the 19th century a road has been built through the cave. Therefore it is paved and the road is secured so that you can’t fall into the river in the cave.

In addition the cave is mostly covered with artificial light. Some parts are dark and you should take a torch with you – also to better have a look at the stalagmites and the water-shaped structures. It is not as beautiful as a real flowstone cave opened for tourism. But it is a special experience to walk for ten minutes through the mountain on a road through a natural cave.

The road has been closed in 1999 and the cave was dedicated to pedestrians. On the other side you can follow the river through the valley to a picnic area and to the old mines – but that is quite a long walk. In October the river was already dried out; the scenery must be more beautiful if there is water.

In front of the cave you will find a small number of parking lots and some benches for having a picnic. There are always some people here as the area is also used by persons riding their mountain bikes or climbing in the mountains.

Grotta di San Giovanni
09015 Domusnovas, Carbonia-Iglesias
Sardegna, Italy.

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