The Auditorium of Göttingen, Germany is an old lecture building dating back to the year 1865 CE. It has a representative facade and at the beginning it included rooms for 20 to 100 students. Already in 1903 a lecture hall for up to 250 students – the Auditorium maximum or Audimax – was added.

Since 1987 it hosts the art collection of the university that dates back to the year 1736. It is therefore the oldest art collection of a university in Germany. It includes 300 paintings, 2.500 drawings, 15.000 prints, 100 videos, 10.000 photos and 100 sculptures. You can find works of Dürer, Botticelli, Rembrandt, Nolde and Beckmann there.

Auditorium / Universität Göttingen
Kunstsammlung der Universität Göttingen
Weender Landstraße 2
37073 Göttingen

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