Modellbahnwelt Odenwald

The Modellbahnwelt Odenwald is a miniature railway exhibition based on track size H0 in Fürth im Odenwald, Germany. It is located in a large industrial hall and consists mostly of bought and integrated landscapes. The first ones were bought in 2008 from the Harzer Modellbahnzentrum and in 2012 the exhibition moved to the current location.

One section shows Germany from the coast to the Alps, than there are areas showing Austria, Switzerland and the United States. As an acquisition from Oberhausen, Germany you can see a large section about the Ruhrgebiet which is rather empty – but therefore it includes the Gasometer in Oberhausen and the Zeche Zollverein in Essen, Germany.

The building includes a coffee bar with small dishes on the menu and an outdoor area. The shop mostly includes material for persons building miniature railways – they should have some items for children, too. For children they have some LGB railways to steer and a game to search some animals throughout the sections (you’ll get some gummibears as a reward).

Check the opening hours before getting here – they are open on weekends and the two days before. You might be a bit disappointed if you get here with the Miniatur-Wunderland in Hamburg, Germany in mind; it is much small and less professional. You can rather compare it to the Modellbahn in Wiehe, Germany. Nevertheless it is worth a trip if you like miniature railways!

Krumbacher Str. 37
64658 Fürth (Odenwald)

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