Don‘t jump

Hann. Münden, Germany has a lot of bridges in different styles. If you’re walking from the city centre to the Tillyschanze you will first pass a roofed bridge leading you to the Tanzwerder – an island within the river Fulda and containing the famous Weserstein.

This first bridge is well-known as many tourists park their cars and coaches on the Tanzwerder. From there a blue suspension bridge first built in the year 1898 leads over the rear arm of river Fulda. It has been replaced in 1980 by a new one but you still should not jump on it – it easily starts moving. When big events happen on the Tanzwerder the bridge is sometimes closed to ensure the stability.

The bridge was closed in 2018 due to necessary restoration works but is open again since mid-2020. Be reminded that this is only a pedestrian bridge – there is no aid to get a bike up and down.

Blaue Hängebrücke
Hann. Münden

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