If you want to enjoy good views on river Weser you can get to the Weser-Skywalk at the Hannoversche Klippen between Bad Karlshafen and Würgassen (belonging to Beverungen), Germany. Within the forest high above the river a metal platform has been built on a rock of sandstone.

You will not be above the river but the views are still very nice – even on a rainy day in autumn. In this area three federal countries of Germany have shared borders: Hesse (Bad Karlshafen), Lower Saxony (Solling) and North Rhine-Westphalia (Würgassen, Beverungen).

You can get up by car and park close to the Weser-Skywalk – it is only a small walk down the hill then. There are many signs guiding you from Bad Karlshafen. On the other hand you can walk up from Bad Karlshafen (what is pretty tough) or take an educational path up from Würgassen (the Holzweg). The Weser-Skywalk has been opened in 2011 on the place of a former natural viewpoint.

Like at many places people bring padlocks here to lock them at the metal after throwing the key into the water to show their love. But I bet not many really get their keys into the river Weser as it is pretty far away. If you get there by car and need some cake: The Bauernhofcafé Erlenhof on the other side of the river is not too far away and is a paradise for kids.

Hannoversche Klippen
Würgassen, Beverungen / Bad Karlshafen

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