Boutique del Gelato

Hann. Münden, Germany is a place many people travel to by bike in summer times – and what do they do there? Have an ice cream. The best traditional ice cream parlour in the pedestrian zone is nowadays called “Boutique del Gelato” – but locals know it by two other names: “Dolomiti” or “Cortina“.

Try to drop-in here and if you’re lucky you can enjoy your ice cream or coffee (correto?) outside. Then you would have a good look on the residential building of country doctor Johann Andreas Eisenbarth (incorrectly “Dr. Eisenbarth”). A statue at the façade reminds on this fact.

Ich bin der Doktor Eisenbart,
widewidewitt, bum, bum,
kurier die Leut’ auf meine Art,
widewidewitt, bum, bum.
Kann machen, dass die Blinden geh’n,
widewidewitt, juchheirassa,
und dass die Lahmen wieder seh’n,
widewidewitt, bum, bum.
(Mocking song of students from Göttingen)

The sign underneath the statue states “He was better than his reputation” (“Er war besser als sein Ruf”). Maybe an important message, because of the mocking song and different stories told he was depicted as a miracle healer. His grave is at the Aegidienkirche close to the city center.

Boutique del Gelato
(formerly “Dolomiti”, formerly “Cortina”)
Lange Str. 80
34346 Hann. Münden

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