Island hopping

As a scientific paper of mine was accepted at a conference in Αθήνα, Greece, I had a problem: I went to this city before and had the feeling of already having seen everything relevant. Αθήνα is a city I also have some negative experiences with.

Therefore I kept my stay short and went further on to Κρήτη (Kriti, Crete) – an island I have never been before. I checked in to a hotel in the center of Ηράκλειο, visited the city and the Venetian castle at the harbour, took a look at the archeological museum and made a trip to the palace of Κνωσός.

I rented a scooter to discover the island and went by ferry to the beautiful island of Σαντορίνη. There I walked around in Θήρα, enjoyed the white houses and the caldera before I returned to Αθήνα. This time I had a really wonderful hotel and felt at home.

After the conference I went to the Acropolis, the Lykavittós, the old Olympic stadium, the national garden and Syntagma. And I enjoyed some Greek starters and some Frappé metrio me gala in Plaka.

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