The Palace of Knossos

If you are at Κρήτη (KritiCrete) – belonging to Greece – you might typically want to visit the biggest of the three palaces on the island; the palace of Κνωσός. It is not far away from Iraklio and a really tourist-oriented sight.

Κρήτη is important for archeologists because of the relics of minoic culture. The palace of Κνωσός was built between 2100 and 1800 BCE. It was destroyed multiple times by earthquakes and was given up in 1370 BCE after a big fire destroyed most parts.

Today you can see the foundations of buildings and some restored frescos. There is also an important Greek myth about Κνωσός and king Minos ruling here. He received a white bull from the gods whom he should sacrifice in favor of them. He kept it and therefore the gods chose to create a desire in Pasiphaë for the bull.

Pasiphaë had a child with the bull, the famous Minotaurus. Minos hid him in a giant labyrinth where he was living – until Theseus found a way to get in and find out again (using a cord) and killed him in favor of Poseidon.

Palace of Knossos

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