Hintersteiner See

One could say the Hintersteiner See is just a lake in the mountains used to generate electric power, but that would really underestimate this natural beauty located at height of 882 meters above the Adriatic Sea (that’s the way how they measure elevation in Austria). Once created by a glacier this lake near Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser offers a nice bathing area and a round course leading you through the mountains with nice views on the lake.

When you’ve made up your way from Scheffau by car you’ll find a paid parking area. From there turn left and climb through the mountains along the shore of the lake – the path is uneven but well marked and secured. After descending to the water you need to do another long ascent and then an even road brings you back to the parking area on the other side of the lake. Along that road you’ll find different Jausenstationen (small eateries); we enjoyed the Goingstätthof which doesn’t only serve nice cake, they also have two alpacas roaming the area freely.

Hintersteiner See
Scheffau am Wilden Kaiser

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