A massive art museum made of the concrete and glass, located in the Immanuel-Kant-Park close to the main railway station of Duisburg – that could be the shortest description of the Lehmbruck-Museum. It is named after and dedicated to the sculptor Wilhelm Lehmbruck born in 1881 at Meiderich near Duisburg. His works were mostly focused on the human body and that is what you get to see most at the Lehmbruck-Museum: faces and bodies.

In 2009 the newly founded association Stiftung Wilhelm Lehmbruck Museum acquired the legacy of Wilhelm Lehmbruck and with that 1,141 of his works which are on display in the building which was designed by one of his sons: Wilhelm Lehmbruck. It is a medium-sized, beautiful museum and the collection is enhanced by works of artists like Balkenhol and Giacometti.

Friedrich-Wilhelm-Straße 40
47051 Duisburg

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