Bavarian Sea

In the Southeast of Germany you can find the Chiemsee, the largest lake of Bavaria and after the Lake Constance and the Müritz the third-largest one of Germany – therefore it is also called Bayerisches Meer (Bavarian Sea). It is named after the settlement of Chieming close to the lake and was originally created by a glacier 10,000 years ago. Within the lake you can find four islands (Herreninsel, Fraueninsel, Krautinsel, Schalch) of very different sizes.

The largest island within the Chiemsee is the Herreninsel which is worth to be visited because of the Neue Schloss Herrenchiemsee, a palace created by Ludwig II of Bavaria. He is also known as the creator of the Neuschwanstein castle and he drowned at the Starnberger See in 1886. The Neue Schloss Herrenchiemsee is actually a small copy of the castle of Versailles and you can reach it with ships starting at Prien or Gstad.

The connection via public transport is also excellent: from the railway station of Prien an ancient steam-powered tramway takes you to the harbor, the so-called Chiemseebahn. A visit to the Chiemsee is always a nice idea, whether it is for exploring Herrenchiemsee, doing a boat tour or just for enjoying this large lake with the Alps in the backdrop.

Prien am Chiemsee

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