Qız Qalası

One of the places often visited first at Bakı is the Maiden’s tower or Qız Qalası. It is part of the fortifications of the old city center İçəri Şəhər and together with it a UNESCO World Heritage site. The foundation of the tower seems to date back to the 5th century CE, it is nearly 30 meters high and the walls are five meters thick. The top has been rebuilt several times as it was the place where cannons were stationed to protect the harbor.

The name Maiden’s tower refers to the legend that a princess has committed suicide here be jumping into the Caspian sea to escape from an arranged marriage. The name Qız Qalası shows that the Azeri are Turkic people and very much oriented to their protecting power Turkey. It is very similar to the Kız Kulesi in the harbor of Istanbul. You can enter the tower and climb to the top from where you can enjoy good views on the old city. On your way up you can learn a lot about the tower and its functions.

Qız Qalası / Maiden’s Tower

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