What is the most iconic building of Saarbrücken, Germany? In former times it might have been the castle with its towers and thick walls – but these structures are only barely visible these days. It came even worse in 1939 when the Wehrmacht destroyed multiple memorial towers (including the iconic Winterbergdenkmal) and church towers to irritate allied pilots during air raids. The most famous landmarks of the city are lost forever.

The role of the most iconic building now belongs to the protestant Ludwigskirche in the old part of the city (Alt-Saarbrücken). It was built from 1762 on and is today one of the most important Baroque-style churches in Germany, together with Sankt Michaelis at Hamburg and the Frauenkirche at Dresden. The church is named after Louis, the Prince of Nassau-Saarbrücken, who finished the building. It was destroyed in 1944 by British bombers and restoration works lasted until 2009; but still some statues once standing on the roof are missing.

Am Ludwigsplatz 18
66117 Saarbrücken
Saarland / Sarre

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