The Ekebergparken is a mountain park in the southeast of Oslo on the Ekeberg mountain. Within the mountain park you will find more than 40 sculptures and artworks; some contemporary, some from old masters (like Auguste Renoir, Salvador Dalí and Gustav Vigeland). It was opened in 2013 and shall be extended to up to 80 sculptures. The park is owned by the city of Oslo but financed by art collector Christian Rignes. You can come here for a nice walk to enjoy the beautiful nature and the amazing views on the city – but the contemporary artworks are also a great attraction.

This includes works by James Turrell (an underground installation only open at specific times), Roni Horn (who already exhibited works at the Kunsthaus Göttingen), Damien Hirst, Marina Abramović and many, many more. To get there take tramway 13 or 19 steadily up the hill to the Trikk stop Ekebergparken. You can then walk through the park, discover art and I would also recommend to take the long descent down to the hospital tramway stop. From there tramways go continuously in the direction of the city center.


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