Unsure how to spend an evening at Oslo? If you like movies, the city offers you different cinemas. One of them is the Saga which you can find in the Stortingsgata, directly next to the Nationaltheatret (and which is there-by very easy to reach). What helps you here is that movies in Norwegian cinemas are typically shown in English language with Norwegian subtitles – that is probably also why so many Norwegians know English so well. The Saga cinema was already opened in 1934 and is the most important cinema for children and families in the city.

‘Lykke til, Ethan. Lykke til!’

What I was watching there was rather not child-friendly: the newest Mission Impossible movie. Action films are always a good option if you want to watch movies in a foreign language because they are rather easy to understand. Buying tickets for the Saga online is currently a small problem as foreign phone numbers are not accepted. Just walk into the cinema and buy a ticket at the food counter in the rear.

Stortingsgata 28

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