íslensk króna

The currency of Iceland is the íslensk króna (ISK). When in 1918 the island became independent from Denmark this currency was introduced. Typical bills circulating are of 10,000, 5,000, 2,000, 1,000 and 500 ISK value. An íslensk króna is divided into 100 Aurar but these coins don’t exist anymore; you might typically receive coins with the value of 50 or 100 ISK during your journey. If you want to withdraw cash you’ll find sufficient options, already at the Keflavíkurflugvöllur. But to be honest: you don’t need them.

All around Iceland there was not one single place which required cash. Everywhere payment by credit card was possible – in car parks, supermarkets, museums, gas stations, even at tiny food trucks in rather remote locations. Contactless payment is the standard there. By the way: Iceland is a rather expensive country, well comparable with Switzerland. Maybe you just don’t want to memorize the exchange rate to not think too much about how much many goods and services do cost there. 😉


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